Programme 2019

Programme 2019



6 april

08:45-09:30   Welcome Reception. Registrations
09:30-09:40   Opening ceremony, Dr. István Széchenyi, president, „Tisztán” National Acupuncture Association
09:40-11:00   1st session
    Chairmen: Dr Terry Oleson PhD, Prof. Gerhard Litscher, MSc PhD MDsc
09:40-10:10   Istvan Szechenyi, PsyD
    New paradigm in International Ear Acupuncture
10:10-10:40   Terry Oleson, PhD
    Neurophysiological Perspective of Auricular Acupuncture Points Used in the NADA Protocol and Battlefield Acupuncture
10:40-11:10    Prof. Gerhard Litscher, MSc PhD MDsc
    International Ear Acupuncture Research - Update 2019
11:10-11:40   Coffee Break
11:40-13:00   2nd session
    Chairmen: Rideg Sándor, MD, Anikó Kárász, MD
11:40-12:10    László Szabó, PhD
    Assessment of the combined effect of traditional western medicine and complementary treatments with the MeriDiM® device
(case of a patient with heart failure and a patient with kidney failure)
12:10-12:30    Peter Kovacs, PhD
    Periodic functional performance diagnostics (western medicine) and meridian diagnostics (Traditional Chinese Medicine) in the application of increase of performance - Change of meridian diagnostic indicators before and after ergospirometry vita maxima protocols
12:30-12:50    Krisztián Szabó
    Sport Acupuncture: Applying acupuncture to athletes for preventive and performance-enhancing purposes
 12:50-13:00   Sponsorship presentation: Istvan Szechenyi, PsyD - Natural-Med Ltd
    MeriDiM®: Integrative Application of Modern Meridian Diagnostics in Healing, Education and Research
13:00-14:00   Lunch
14:00-15:30   3rd session
    Chairmen: Istvan Szechenyi, PsyD, Peter Kovacs, PhD
14:00-14:20   Éva Bors
    Korean hand acupuncture in practice
14:20-14:50    Anikó Kárász, MD
     The microbiom-bowel-brain axis – in the centre of scientific research
14:50-15:00    Balázsovics Ágnes, MD
    Treatment of conjunctivitis with ear acupuncture
15:00-15:30   Rideg Sándor, MD
    Food Addiction (When you're wrong with the brain)
15:30-15:45   Imréné Mádi
    Is heart transplant the only solution or can the auriculotherapy help?
15:45-16:15   Coffee Break
16:15-17:35   4th session
    Chairmen: Krisztián Szabó, László Szabó, PhD
16:15-16:30   Stravagante Chamber Group - Classical Guitar Music
16:30-16:50   Peter Kovacs, PhD
    Periodic functional performance diagnostics (western medicine) and meridian diagnostics (Traditional Chinese Medicine) in the application of health maintenance - Efficiency comparison test of the ear acupuncture and audio visual stimulation stress reduction methods
16:50-17:10   Krisztián Szabó
    Treatment of locomotor complaints with electro-acupuncture
17:10-17:25   Csilla Hunkáné Miltényi, MD, Istvan Szechenyi, PsyD
    Treatment of the loss of hearing of a 3-year-old boy with auricular acupuncture and laser.
17:25-17:35   Discussion
 18:30   Gala Dinner

Day 2.

7 april

09:00-11:00   Workshop, Terry Oleson, PhD
    Optimal Detection of Auricular Reflex Points by the Identification of Auricular Landmarks
11:00-11:30   Coffee Break
11:30-13:30   1st session
    Chairmen: Istvan Szechenyi, PsyD, Rideg Sándor, MD
11:30-12:00   Istvan Szechenyi, PsyD
    Comparative study of the immediate stress-relieving effect of auriculotherapy with soft laser and needles (NADA/Battlefield) with respect to western and oriental medicine. A randomized, placebo-controlled, double blind clinical trial
12:00-12:30   Rideg Sándor, MD
    Sclerosis Multiplex in the light of biological medicine
12:30-12:45   Anna Mária Hadhaziné Dobrai and Ádám Hadhazi, MD
    The therapeutic role of general practice and alternativ medicine
12:45-13:15   Istvan Borbás, D.Sc.
    Ear acupuncture with laser. Biostimulation or something else?
 13:15-13:30   Closing Ceremony
13:30   Lunch

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Conference Organiser: Szechenyi Health Center, H-1085 Budapest, Benczúr str.27., Hungary

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