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László Szabó, PhD



I got my name, László Szabó, from my dear parents, when I first saw daylight in Hungary. My search for the ultimate purpose of my earthly existence brought me to engineering. The degree in Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, and Engineer Teaching Diploma, two doctoral degrees awarded by the Budapest University of Technology, 32–year teaching and governing experience in military aviation prove the fact that my choice was right. In 2012 I completed University doctoral degree as an assistant professor majoring in aviation.I have always felt that everything I teach entitled by my degrees is just a tiny part of reality.

One day I came to realize that I was capable „to see beyond “ and everything we have in our physical reality is just a modest ridiculous version of what nature can offer. So I turned to the esoteric and alternative medicine. I attended lots of courses and got acquainted with many lectures, for which and to whom I am immensely grateful ,as now I am absolutely conscious of how I can serve and help my fellow men. I am a member of PRANANADI®. It is Complex Harmony Energy System of natural self-development which comes from Tibet and I am honoured to be one of its teachers. My education in Natural Medicine (ear acupuncture) and knowledge of other alternative therapy serve the purpose of teaching PRÁNANADI® to today’s people, giving a “wake-up call” and helping understand that there is much more to our abilities than we think and were taught about, and which is the most important, that there is only one true path in life - the Path of Love. After my monastic study abroad, I got the Prananadi® healing lama degree. I have always been interested, from the engineering point of view, what effect Prananadi® energy has on man. The Device MERIDIM® is the answer which has made a big difference in my own life as well as and the lives of my patients.

I would like to deliver a short presentation on some measurements, the proviso that I am currently at the very beginning of the experiment, but the results are already more than promising.

My Creed is that my presence in this world will not be wasted if I leave the Earth as a better person, as I came here and I hope that my existence will touches other people’s soul.

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Conference Organiser: Szechenyi Health Center, H-1085 Budapest, Benczúr str.27., Hungary

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